‘Catching Kelce’ Cast: Meet Travis Kelce & His Contestants



So, who are some of the contestants competing to win Kelce’s heart? These girls first meet Kelce on the premiere and each have just 60 seconds for a first impression. Some of them dance, others sing, and some are just completely awkward.

After Kelce met all 50 of the contestants, he had to narrow them down to just 20 girls who would be able to stay in the mansion to compete on the show for love. The contestants were announced in groups of five, leaving many girls sad and upset. Some of the contestants who made it through are listed below.

Veronica – New Jersey
London – Tennessee
Anika – Minnesota
CeeCee – Michigan
Lexi – Georgia
Ashley – New Mexico
Crystal – Florida
Maya – Kentucky
V Rich – Mississippi
Salma – Connecticut
Lolo – Washington
Kara – Kansas
Jessica – Nevada

Check out a few of the girls below.

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