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Check Out the Best Video Game Development Courses with Us

The video gaming industry is continuing to grow. Universities and colleges continue to offer computer science programs with a specialty in video game development. We prepared a list of online and offline game programming courses where you can learn how to create video games from scratch.

Full Sail University

At Full Sail University, you can get a bachelor degree in game design online. There are four fields to focus on: design theory, practical design, design integration, and storytelling. This is a 32-month program that involves studying the history of gaming, digital literacy, analysis of design and development, and two final projects.
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What is a Gap Year: Its Opportunities and Benefits

More and more students nowadays prefer traveling a year after graduation instead of looking for a job immediately. This span of time is called a gap year. One can go to Australia, Norway, Thailand, Canada, New Zealand, India, the Netherdands or any other destination. The length of time you spend abroad can vary too – from several months to a year, or more. What is a gap year after college? It is not a simple trip – it can be career gap, volunteering, backpacking, working abroad, finding new friends, gaining new experience, improving a CV, getting acquainted with new cultures, etc. A gap year sometimes can be called a trip between life stages. Continue reading

College Students Problems – Solved!

When it comes to studies, difficulties, problems and nightmares are your faithful companions and friends. We are going to dispel all your worries connected with the problems college students face and suggest solutions. So, let’s start.


Problem #1. The most significant one. It appears before entering college and concerns the choice of faculty and courses to attend. High school graduates should make a decision what to do for the next several years, and consequently what to do with their future career. Continue reading