Sports: Bill Belichick Sweatshirt Style Will be Game Time Decision


Patriots head coach Bill Belichick commented to the media that his choice of unflattering sweatshirt will be made before leaving the locker room prior to kick off Super Bowl LI. Half cutoff sleeves, oversized, and belly cutoff are some of the styles that have been considered.

Coach Belichick made the statement after enjoying his ceremonial bath in the blood of old goats. He also stated that he wouldn’t rule out a wardrobe change during halftime, “I’m a big Gaga fan. I’m a total little monster. If she can have multiple wardrobe changes in one performance, the least I can do is consider one of my own”.

He did note that he will leave any halftime adjustments up to his assistant coaches as he will be watching Lady Gaga’s performance in his own private quarters.

Coach Belichick ended the conversation by staring at reporters. We must also note he was not wearing pants or underwear. However he was wearing only an oversized Patriots Super Bowl XXXIX Championship commemorative t-shirt with the sleeves removed that was clearly over used. Many reporters described the look as “Donald Duck chic”. It sold also be mentioned he was eating an open faced chicken parmesan sandwich, napkins were not present.

We’ll have more on this story as it develops.