9 Things More Boring Than Watching Paint Dry


Whenever someone’s bored they use the expression “this is so boring, it’s like watching paint dry”, but is watching paint dry the most boring activity on Earth? You may say yes, but that’s just what the mass media wants you to believe, you fool! But oh contraire mon frère, there are many things more boring – nine on this list for certain and now it’s time to get boring, really, really boring.

1. Paperwork.

There is probably nothing more boring than your personal paperwork whether it be applying for a visa, sorting out your tax returns, or updating your resume and realizing that you don’t actually have as many skills as you thought you did. Not only does it take way longer than you thought it would, you rarely ever get it all right on the first try and there is usually so much bureaucratic red tape to jump through that you feel like a poorly trained Dachshund at a dog show trying to jump through a hoop – it’s not going to end well.

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